Putting our own company's account in the cases section? Of course! We are proud of it, even if we have just started to develop it.

Сlient –

Social network - Instagram hata_by

General project information: 14.05 – present


What have we done?

What makes a great CEO and SMM company without an awesome website and amazing social networks. That’s why we decided to create an Instagram account from scratch and developed our own, unique design of posts that suits our policy.

We’ve decided to write the texts without moral limitations. Why use some wicked way to explain that some so-called SEO specialists are dishonest laymen, if you can insult them directly and explain it in an accessible way?


After studying the competitors, we identified a unique style of posts and stories for us using curse words in the headlines and certain images that helped to distinguish us from competitors using fairly generic templates.

This approach helps us to attract as many users to the account as possible.


Involvement tools:

To involve the audience, we use expert content described in casual language, so that users can understand what's what.

+ don't forget about the stories. We always use surveys, company news and others ways to get closer to the audience.



— Increase awareness

— Develop an account from scratch

— Increase the number of subscribers

— Transfer traffic to the site


  • Creating an account and linking it to Facebook
  • Development of a unique design of publications, stories and highlights
  • Creation of SMM strategy
  • Creation and implementation of a content plan
  • Filling out the profile: logo, highlights, description
  • Publishing posts and stories
  • Processing comments and messages in direct


We have created a unique style from scratch, without launching a target, in a month we have got:

66 followers and there’s more out there!

Next, we are planning to launch a target and will improve our results.

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