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It is a way of promoting on the Internet. This is a set of measures to improve the site, aimed at achieving the first positions in the search results of Google. The task of SEO is to make sure that after the client writes a query in the search engine, he sees you first. If, for example, you provide cars for rent, then SEO is responsible for ensuring that your site is first in the list of results for queries: "car rental, car rental, car for a day" and so on.

Why is it so important to show up first in the search?

Top positions on target queries are a must for any business on the Internet. Exactly this factor generates an organic flow of incoming traffic. And organic here is a synonym for the word “best”.

Being in the first positions provides you with the loyalty of potential customers in advance. With the help of this factor, you turn into a "reliable company that has been on the market for several years" and immediately differ from young companies. It's convenient when your reputation speaks for itself. Even though this is not the most important thing.

Here we should mention that it is impossible to take and raise an uncompetitive site to the first positions of the issue. Especially in 2022. Modern search engines take into account the behavioral factor of users while ranking sites (the search engine builds a certain order of sites in the output). Search engine promotion (SEO) is not only about raising your site to the TOP. SEO is about the process of gradual development and improvement of your site, due to which you rise higher in the lists of search results. It implies a comprehensive optimization of your site, working with the structure, navigation and content. This is an analysis of the existing design, site usability, download speed, interactivity, code, text component, internal link system, layout and reputation. Do all these things affect the output? Of course, they do.

SEO is always about development. A nice and competitive website perfectly interacts with contextual advertising, SMM, reputation management on the Internet. This is one of the pillars of modern business.

Investing in SEO is an investment in the long term. Having optimized the site today, tomorrow and in the following days, it will be enough for you to monitor the indicators and only adjust your site if necessary. If buying ads, you pay for each click (which means customers will only exist as long as you pay for them), then investing money in SEO, you will continue to receive the customers for free.

What are the results of SEO?

When was the last time you comfortably searched for a service provider on the yellow pages? 10-20 years ago, isn't it? Thanks to the Internet, an infinite amount of information, shops and services are just one search query away from you. If you want to attract more visitors to your site and increase sales, you definitely need search engine optimization.

Whom should I trust to promote my website?

To answer this question, let's take a look at the market situation:

Today, the selection and maintenance of a full-time SEO specialist will cost you a tidy sum. The average salary in the market is $ 1,000 per month. Contributions to the pension fund amount to about 35% more, that is, about 1400$ per month for an average specialist. In addition, it is necessary to equip the workplace, provide paid leave and sick leave. You will also need to make sure that they don’t leave you to find someone who pays more, so you have to fork out for perks in the form of refresher courses, a gym and coffee.

Hire such a specialist only if you are sure that his maintenance will not be more expensive than the profit you will receive from his work. Give such work only to an experienced specialist or a team of such professionals. Remember that mistakes in SEO mean a loss of profit for you. Mistakes are expensive.

What are the reasons for working with us?

If you do not want to hire a SEO specialist, then you should contact a SEO agency. Study companies, cases and reviews thoroughly.

SEO is something V90 has started from. For many years on the market we have studied all the features of search engines and figured out the key factors that distinguish good SEO from the usual one. Today we can identify your semantic core at a glance, evaluate your site and make it the first.

You will finally be able to have a good sleep. No more questions like: “Do we really have visibility on the Internet?". Now you will definitely have this visibility.

SEO includes:
Internal optimization
Internal optimization
An important step of SEO promotion. We work through the content of the site, check SEO tags, remove duplicates, optimize the speed of the site, etc. This is important for fast indexing and better ranking of a web resource in search engines.
The quality of the site directly depends on its user-friendliness. A website is not just about attractive interface. It’s also about clear structure and convenient functionality so that the clients immediately find what they are looking for.
Semantic core
Semantic core
Semantic core consists of key queries that users use to search the information on the Internet. A properly composed semantic core will help to create the correct structure of the site. As a result, it will respond to search queries as accurately as possible and appear more frequently in the search.
External optimization
External optimization
To rise to the TOP, the site must have links to other Internet recourses. The more web resources will link to your site, the more often it will appear in search engines. In addition, this is the best advertising – users will visit your site more often.
To benefit from promotion, you need to analyze visitors and their behavior. With the help of special services, we track the time and depth of site browsing, the number of visitors, the bounce rate and more detailed parameters. This is the only way to understand what users like and dislike and how to improve the site.
Competitor analysis
Competitor analysis
After studying the sites of your rivals, we will evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. This is necessary in order to make your web resource more user-friendly and attractive.
We don’t only promote websites–
We make them better
Working plan
  1. Analysis of competitors and your site
    Research of your competitors, analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. Conduction of an audit of your site with subsequent recommendations for its improvement.
  2. Promotion strategy development
    A plan of action is a must. All the information obtained after analyzing competitors allows you to create a promotion strategy. Focusing on it, you can carry out a complex of high-quality work to improve the site and bring it to high positions in search engines.
  3. Internal Site Optimization

    We carry out a technical analysis of the site, identify and eliminate technical errors that can interfere with promotion: errors in the HTML, CSS, Javascript code, slow loading speed of the site. After the site audit, we configurate the files robots.txt and sitemap.xml and eliminate duplicates of pages and other technical problems.

    As soon as the main problems on the site are fixed, we carry out the collection of commercial key queries. These are requests that correspond to the services/products you offer. Based on the created semantic cores, we me write meta tags title and description and then place them on the promoted pages of the site.

    We must not forget about the improvement of text and graphic content. Copywriters write selling texts, which are then posted on the site. Our designer will help with the refinement of the website design to improve commercial factors.

  4. External Site Optimization
    We carry out the analysis and correction of the reference profile. We select thematic resources, where we will place the links to the promoted site. Our experts write useful articles, which are then posted on paid sites. It is very important to carry out this task systematically so that search engines do not regard it as spam.
  5. Analytics and report
    We continuously monitor the site's operability, tracking of the site's positions is carried out with the help of specialized tools. Due to this, we can quickly respond to technical problems or changes in site visibility caused by changes in search engine algorithms.
    Report includes constant detailed reports on the work done. The reports contain only up-to-date information about the amount of work performed and the results achieved.
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