Mining pool promotion K1Pool

Mining pool promotion  K1Pool
Mining pool promotion  K1Pool
Mining pool promotion  K1Pool
Mining pool promotion  K1Pool

Project information

  • Number of requests – 760
  • Promotion region – the world (key – USA, Russia)
  • The duration of the promotion – 3 months
  • Payment – for the scope of work


  • Collecting the semantic core of the site, clustering queries by pages
  • Adding language options to the site
  • Improvements of the site structure and creation of new pages for requests
  • Optimization of Title, H1 and Description tags and meta tags on the website pages
  • Work on text factors on promoted pages: text uniqueness, H2-Hn headings, keyword, etc.
  • Technical audit of the site and elimination of technical problems
  • Work on the website usability, improvement of the main indicators of the quality of the site, solutions for visual improvements
  • Search for frequency topics and writing articles in English in the article section on the subject of cryptocurrency mining
  • Signing in the company in various social networks and building links from social profiles
  • Placement of guest articles on trust sites
  • Crowd marketing is the placement of links to the site with the help of comments, blog posts, forums, discussions
  • Link promotion with the help of the donations and scholarships method
  • Placement of multilevel links to the site

Promotion results

First month of work: 3,471 visitors, 709 from search engines.

Last month of work: 13,664 visitors, 2,372 visitors from search engines.

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