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The first thing users pay attention to when they open a website is the design. If you have a high-quality visual users won’t leave the site easily. A unique design is a call to action (like, asking a question, placing an order, etc.).

If you want to get the most out of the site, its design development should be carried out by professionals only, which we are (We say!). Our specialists are well aware that a beautiful visual f is not enough for a good perfomance. It is necessary to make sure that the site is user-friendly, and presents your business from the most profitable sides.

Our specialists have made a lot of sites from scratch. We know firsthand that there is nothing that can be overlooked.

What you will get if you contact us:

For you our experienced designers and developers will make:

  1. Corporate identity. No one will confuse you with anyone else ever again.
  2. Redesign. The site will not just look awesome, it will also be as user-friendly as possible.
  3. Logo. You will be recognized from the first seconds, ensuring the popularity of your business.
  4. Banners. We will provide you with several options, and after discussing them with you, we will leave the most suitable option.
  5. Interfaces. Each user will intuitively understand how to use your site.

Stages of creating a design

Usually, web design is developed in several steps:

  1. First, the project is discussed with the customer. Based on the specifics of the site, it is determined which target audience to chose, as well with the actions users will perform. All these points are necessarily discussed with you so that the designer understands and embodies all your wishes as accurately as possible. As a result, you get a website that fully meets all your needs and desires.
  2. A prototype is being developed. At this stage, the specialist creates a preliminary prototype, that is, the general appearance of the pages, the location of buttons, forms, menus and other structural elements. Having such a prototype, you will be able to see the general concept. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to decide on the final version of the elements.
  3. We carry out the development. Together with a specialist, you are creating the future style of the site. First of all, it depends on the sphere of the company, your wishes, as well as on which target audience the site is oriented. For example, if it is designed for business people, then it makes sense to use a strict business style. If the audience is young, in this case it is better to choose something brighter, relaxed and bold. When it comes to serious and large projects, we develop a corporate identity so that the site could not be confused with others.

Main advantages of a unique design

If you want to get wonderful results, you will have to pay a decent amount of money for it, because a high-quality design cannot cost a penny. But if we comparison to other companies, our web design is still relatively inexpensive.

In any case, you get:

  1. A first-class visual of the site. Your site will be unique, which will not allow users to confuse you with anyone else.
  2. Adaptive design. The site will be perfectly displayed on all media (computer monitor, phone, tablet, etc.).
  3. The realization of absolutely any ideas.
  4. High conversion rate.
  5. SEO and promotion.

Business results:

If you need a good design at fair value, made by professional designers, our company is always happy to help. We are not just creating a design, but we are also interested in your getting really good results.

We do it so well!

Price is calculated individually depending on the complexity.


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Working plan
  1. We discuss the target audience and brand identity
    Tell us about your business. Why are you doing this particular case? What do your customers want? What are they like? Having identified your target audience and brand values, we will get what to do next.
  2. Competitors research
    How did other market players approach this task? How can we make in a different way? And which example we should follow? We use the experience your competitors have gained to create our own unique experience.
  3. Technical requirement
    Technical requirement describes all formats and sizes of your advertising and informational materials. So, the designer will understand the full scale of the work and will estimate various implementation options.
  4. Concept design development
    The concept is actually the first sketches, according to which we will set a vector and move on. To coordinate the concept is 80% of the work.
  5. Details
    The devil is in the details. All sorts of fascinating solutions, even in small elements, add coolness to the design. There is a lot of creative freedom.
  6. Design development
    It remains for a small matter — to bring everything into its final form. We choose the best options and put everything into the visual we both will like.
  7. Design is ready
    Finally, your new design will see the light! We give you all the data in quality, in different formats for all types of advertising channels that were in the TR.
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